Smart charging means the charger is able to communicate with the CPMS (Charge point management system). It allows the user to manage their charger remotely, meaning they can set schedules, identify faults and optimise energy consumption and costs.

This is one of the features that makes pulse home smart when it‘s connected to your WiFi. You can define up to 50 timeslots using our web portal.

Simply plug in your electric car and you can start or stop the session at the touch of a button - and schedule the best times, like overnight when electricity tariffs may be more efficient.

Auto charging is a mode which is activated when there are no charge schedules set (or scheduling is disabled). Subject to lock/unlock status, plugging in an EV will automatically start the charging process. Charging will stop either when the vehicle battery is 100% full or manually stopped by the vehicle e.g., unplugged from EV.

The pulse home socketed variants have a motorised locking mechanism to securely lock in place the plug once a charge session begins. This is for additional safety and protection of users. It is not possible to remove the connected plug when charging is occurring, once charging is stopped the motorised mechanism is activated to unlock the connected plug.

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