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The Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) currently provides a grant to organisations looking to install electric vehicle charging facilities – The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). The scheme offers financial support of up to £14,000 to each business (up to £350 per socket) towards the up-front cost of each electric vehicle charge point purchased and installed.

This is limited to up to 40 sockets per business. However, these can be spread over a number of premises. It is also possible to apply for up to 40 sockets in stages if you are making a slow transition to electrification.

To be eligible for a Workplace Charging Scheme grant, the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles states you must have your charging stations fitted by an authorised installer.

Before you approach an OZEV authorised installer, you’ll need to establish any permissions needed for off-street parking facilities that you don’t own or manage. If you’re responsible for part of a car park and other businesses own and use the rest, this is OK.

OZEV states you’ll need to work with your installer to understand your infrastructure requirements at your depot or office(s) before making your application. Your installer will:

  1. carry out a survey of your parking facilities to establish your electrical capacity

  2. advise you on the charger models that will service the vehicle types and volume of usage your drivers and/or people need.

Once you get your approval, you’ll receive a voucher that is valid for 180 days. Your installer will fit your chargers and it will be up to them to retrieve the grant money.

bp pulse7 charging points are supplied with industry-standard Type 2 sockets and are fully compatible with every new electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle currently available in the UK. bp pulse50 units come with CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2 cables and our bp pulse150 units come with CHAdeMO and CCS cables.

On the 30 June 2022 the Electric Vehicle (Smart Charge Points) Regulations came into force. We’ve been working hard to get all our chargers completely up to date.   

Our chargers already have smart capabilities, such as remote time-based scheduling, usage monitoring and charger disabling. However, there are some functionalities that we just need a bit more time to build into our software, that will be available to download over the coming months.   Once we have completed our work, customers will be able to download (subject to internet connectivity) these additional functionalities:  

  • Default off-peak scheduling  

  • Randomised delay 

  • Data measurement (presentation of data) 

  • Scheduling 

We are also working hard to incorporate the additional features of a secure boot and a physical tamper protection barrier. Our charges remain safe and secure. The additional features will be available later in 2023.

For more information on the regulations you can visit the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) website.  


On all communicating units we provide you with a login to our backend charge management platform. From here, you can monitor energy usage and general utilisation.

Yes. You can go for an activated unit which opens the charger for general use, or use a key to control access to authorised users. Alternatively, you can install a communicating unit with access controlled by use of an RFID access card.

We advise you to follow the instructions on the screen of the charge point as sometimes these vary slightly depending on the unit.

Generally, you will first select the connector for your vehicle and plug it into the car. Then present your access card to the RFID reader and wait for authentication to be confirmed on the screen. Your cable will lock into place and the charge point will confirm initiation of charge.

To disconnect, simply present your access card to the reader again and the charge will end. Disconnect your cable and if relevant place it back into the holder on the charge point.

Sometimes, your vehicle may have a secondary locking system you will need to disengage before the cable will release. If your cable is still stuck, please call us on 0330 016 5126 and our customer care team will try to help.

Yes. Our installations are carried out by our own installation company and we do not normally use sub-contractors. Our installation team consists of electrical engineers, groundworks and civils team ensuring a complete service for every install.

All our charge points come with a comprehensive 3-year parts and labour warranty as standard. Should you encounter any problems, our dedicated 24/7 customer care team are always available to assist.

Each charging point can benefit from an annual maintenance and care package which includes 24/7, 365 days a year engineer support and two on-site maintenance inspections.

Yes. All bp pulse charging points communicate over OCPP including our own charge management platform.

Your recommended height is between 750mm and 1200mm.

Check out our detailed user manuals for all you need to know about your bp pulse charger.

bp pulse pro charger smart - View user manual here

bp pulse pro charger lite - View user manual here

bp pulse public charger lite - View user manual here

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