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    In this section of the website you can find all of our current terms and conditions, as well as previous versions for your reference.

    Transparent pricing, with a few exceptions

    At bp pulse, we believe in clear and straightforward pricing. Most of these are conveniently visible on our live map and bp pulse app, allowing you to plan your charging sessions with ease.​

    However, it's important to note that, there are a few outliers. We want to ensure you have all the information you need, so we advise you to always check the specific pricing details on the charger you're using. ​

    ​We have some chargers that have pricing that is different to our standard network tariffs. See our non-standard price list. ​

    ​A small number of chargers are not locatable on the live map or bp pulse app. See our list of chargers that are not shown on the live map or the app.​

    ​Thank you for choosing bp pulse for your charging needs. We're here to power your journey seamlessly.​