Is my electric car compatible with this charger?

04 Jun 2024

What you need to know before you charge it

You may be comfortable knowing how to handle your EV on the road. But if you were to stop at a nearby charging point, how confident are you that your car is compatible? If you’re not familiar with charging ports and connector types, you’ll want to read on. Here’s what you need to check first before you pull up and plug in.

Know your charging port type

First things first: check your EV’s charging port. Some of the most common sockets include: CHAdeMO, CCS, Tesla proprietary connector and Type 2, among others. Consult your car manual or the manufacturer’s website to find out which one you’ve got.

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Inspect your connector

Check the specs for the EV charger you plan on using. Most EV charging stations will tell you the type of charging connector types they use, so you can see if your EV’s charging port type is a match.

If you plan on charging your EV with bp pulse, our free app lets you search for chargers on your route. It also tells you how many chargers are available in real time, the type of chargers available and which connector type they use.

Have an adaptor handy

In some cases, if the charger connector type doesn’t fit your car’s charging port, you might be able to use an adaptor. Do check your vehicle manual, or contact the manufacturer first, though. You’ll want to be absolutely sure the adaptor will make your EV compatible, and that it’s safe to use it.

Connect with bp pulse

bp pulse EV chargers offer most of the common types of connectors. Here are the four chargers you might come across on your travels, along with the connector types they’re compatible with:

7kW fast charger: Type 2 – you’ll need to bring your own cable to use this charger.

50kW rapid charger: CCS, CHAdeMO, Type 2

150kW ultra-fast charger: CCS, CHAdeMO

300kW ultra-fast charger: CCS, CHAdeMO

Once you’re aware of your EV’s charging port type, finding compatible chargers should become second nature. Download the bp pulse app to find chargers all over the country and check they’re a match for your car before you visit.

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