How to use our

150kW chargers

A step-by-step guide

A photo of a man charging his car using an ultra-fast charger at a new bp pulse forecourt

Anyone can charge here, including:

  • bp pulse subscribers using a bp pulse charge card 

  • Pay-as-you-go customers using the bp pulse app 

  • Guests using the bp pulse live map

  • Contactless payment via contactless card or mobile wallets, like Apple Pay 

Step 1: Select your preferred charging connector type


Tap the screen and select the right charging connector type for your vehicle.

This can be either CCS, or CHAdeMO.

Once you’ve selected your preferred charging connector type, click Start. Please note the screens can be slow to respond, so simply press firmly once and wait. 

The charging connector you’ve selected will flash green. 

Step 2: Select your preferred payment method


If you’re a bp pulse subscriber

Tap your bp pulse charge card, key fob or other RFID charge card on the bottom reader.


If you’re a pay-as-you-go customer

  • Open the bp pulse app. 

  • Select Charge, indicated by a lightning bolt. 

  • Enter the charger ID, found on a sticker on the charger. 

  • Select your preferred socket.  

  • Click the Charge button. 


If you’re a guest

  • Open the bp pulse live map

  • Find the charger you want to use by zooming in on the map and clicking the pin. 

  • Click Select to use the charging point. 

  • Under Chargepoint Details, choose your preferred socket by clicking Select


If you’re paying by contactless card or mobile wallets, like Apple Pay

Tap your contactless payment method on the top contactless reader.

Step 3: Plug the cable into your vehicle


Once you’ve selected your charging connector type, plug the cable into your vehicle

Pro tip: If you’re using the CHAdeMO cable, make sure you push the button on the cable handle down to release it from the charging point to use. 

Step 4: Start your charge


The charging screen will appear

This indicates that your charging session is in progress.

Step 5: Stop your charging session

To stop a charge, follow the instructions on the screen.


If you’re a bp pulse subscriber

Tap your bp pulse card or key fob to the reader


If you’re a pay as you go customer

Press Stop in the bp pulse app.


If you’re a guest

Select Stop charge on your web browser


If you’re paying using contactless

Tap your contactless bank card or mobile wallet against the reader.

Step 6: Get back on the road


Remove the cable and return it to the charging point

You’re ready to go!

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