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Which EV subscription is right for your business?

08 Jan 2024

Explore 3 different subscription types—including solutions for private EV charging, hybrid fleets, and accessing our UK-wide public EV charging network 

Whatever the shape or scale of your business, there’s a good chance your fleet either comprises electric vehicles (EVs) or you’ve thought about how to incorporate EV into your day-to-day operations. Wherever your organisation is in its EV journey, efficiently managing your charging needs in a cost-effective way is likely to be an essential consideration.   

To help you manage your charging, we offer three EV charging subscriptions for businesses, each designed to meet specific needs. All subscriptions provide drivers with a single, convenient card to access EV charging, and allow you to monitor and manage EV charging activity across your organisation.  

Not sure which subscription is right for your business? Get in touch with one of our expert team to discuss your needs and how we can support you.    

1. Workplace subscription 

For organisations looking to install and manage a private network of EV charging points for their fleet’s exclusive use.  

This solution provides you with the flexibility to invite employees to join the network, set your own tariffs, and monitor usageall of which can be managed via a single platform. In addition, employees can combine this Workplace subscription with a bp pulse subscription to enjoy access to charging across our extensive public network. 

2. Corporate subscription 

For those who want to provide their fleet with discounted access to the bp pulse public charging network. 

Our Corporate subscription provides EV fleet drivers with the flexibility to access bp pulse’s public network of EV chargers across the UK at a reduced subscription fee of £6.45 per month plus VAT (excluding electricity costs). You’ll be able to view billing for all your fleet drivers in a single place, as well as track how often your drivers are charging and how much they are spendingeither individually or collectively.  

3. BP Fuel & Charge subscription 

Ideal for hybrid fleets comprising both EV and fuel vehicles, offering access to our public charging network, as well as bp and partner petrol stations. 

With so many organisations still transitioning to electric, this subscription is designed to meet the needs of organisations running hybrid fleets. It offers drivers convenient payments with the BP Fuel & Charge card, while allowing you to monitor at manage spending activity.  

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