The many benefits of spring cleaning your EV

02 Apr 2024

Cleaning your car can boost its long-term health - and yours, too. Here’s what to do

It's time to come clean. Secretly, we all love that feeling of standing back and admiring our shiny washed EVs, especially if we’ve done it ourselves. A good spring clean doesn’t just help your EV look good, it can add to its longevity thanks to the attention paid to its fittings, while also improving its hygiene and air quality.

So go ahead – reach for those marigolds, turn up the radio, and get stuck in with the bp pulse spring clean guide.

Get to the heart of things

Start with your interior. Open up the doors and give your EV a thorough clean – take out any clutter and then give the seats and carpets a hoover. Treat the dashboard, steering wheel and door panels to a gentle clean with a microfibre cloth and mild cleanser.

Give your mats some TLC

Take out the floor mats and give them a bit of attention. If they're rubber or all-weather mats, simply wash or hose them down and let them air dry. For carpeted mats, a carpet cleaner and brush before hoovering them will keep them stain-free and smelling fresh.

Go for leather

If your EV has leather seats, wiping them with leather cleaner and conditioner keeps them soft and supple, reduces cracking and keeps them at their best.

Care for rubber seals

Rubber seals play a big part in keeping you and your passengers warm and dry, so it pays off to pay attention to them. Have a look at the rubber seals around the doors and windows of your EV for signs of wear or damage. If they’re dirty, clean them with a mild detergent and water, remove any debris, and then apply a rubber conditioner to keep them supple, prevent cracking, and maintain your insulation.

Think hygiene

Grab a disinfectant cleaner or wipes and give your steering wheel, door handles, touchscreen display, gear shift – and any other areas that get handled or touched a lot – a good going over for a car that’s healthy as well as shiny.

Check your air vents

Over time, dust and debris can get build up in the air vents of your EV, which can circulate repeatedly inside your car and make the air a little stale. Grab a small brush – a toothbrush will do – or use a compressed air tool to remove any buildup and you’ll also improve the air quality inside your EV.

Get rid of any junk in your trunk

Empty out your boot, give it a hoover and wipe down, and make space for days at the beach, picnics, supermarkets and weekends away, when that extra space will come in handy. Your future self will thank you.

Treat your EV to bubbles

Grab some car wash soap and a microfibre mitt (these are best for protecting the paint from scratches, as debris can sometimes build up in a sponge and then get dragged along the paint), and give the exterior a wash, including the windows, body panels, and wheels. Afterwards give everything an extra rinse to get rid of any lingering soap residue.

Next, windows and glass

Use a glass cleaner and microfibre cloth, clean and wipe down the interior and exterior windows of your EV, including, for extra visibility points, your rearview mirror and side mirrors.

Time to wax and shine

Once your car’s dry, apply a layer of wax or sealant to the outside. This protects the paint and keep your EV looking shiny and new, and can also repel water, sun damage and prevent water spots, to make that ‘just washed’ look last a little longer.

Now, stand back, make yourself a cup of tea, and bask in those spring clean feels. And remember, if you want to help your EV strut its stuff, we’ve got charging sites up and down the country where you can pull in, charge up, and show off your hard work. You deserve it. Find them all on our free app.

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