Essential EV route planning tips

019 Jul 2023

Plan a successful road trip with your electric car

Whether you are a new EV owner gearing up for your first road trip or you’re a seasoned EV owner looking to make your road trips more efficient, it's crucial to be well-prepared. Don’t allow things like range anxiety spoil, or finding a convenient charging point, spoil your journey—we’re here to share our essential tips for a smooth and enjoyable electric road trip experience.

Choose the right route for you

If you’re worried about mileage and range, take a look on your route planning app or GPS software, as they usually present you with several options. The motorway may get you to your destination quicker but A roads have slower speeds that could contribute towards prolonging your EV’s range.

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Perform vehicle checks

Just like any other long journey, it's important to ensure your EV is in optimal condition before hitting the road. Perform the manufacturer-recommended vehicle checks.

Check tyre pressure and condition: Properly inflated tyres will enhance your EV's efficiency and safety. Poor tyre condition can cause accidents – putting yourself and other drivers at risk. It’s also important to check their condition for legal purposes; tyres below legal tread depth put you at risk of penalties too, if you’re stopped by police.2

Lights: Ensure all lights are functioning correctly, including headlights, taillights, and indicators. Even if you’re expecting fair weather, it’s good to know that all your lights are in good working order.

Find out more about public EV charging

We'll keep your electric vehicle moving as you travel around the UK with our network of charging points—so you can plug in, power up, and go.

Plan your EV charging breaks

Don’t leave charging to chance! Research and identify the charging points along your route. This will help you determine where and when to recharge your EV. To make this easier, download the bp pulse app, where you can easily locate charging stations, ensuring a stress-free journey with minimal range anxiety. It’s the perfect EV travel companion.

Just like any other car trip, it's important to take breaks during your electric-powered road trip. This allows you to stretch your legs, rest, and recharge yourself, your passengers and your vehicle.

While EVs are becoming increasingly efficient, it's essential to remember that charging times are longer than refuelling a traditional vehicle. When planning your itinerary, consider the additional time required for charging. This way, you can adjust your schedule accordingly and avoid any unnecessary rushing.

Use the bp pulse app to find charging points and save your ‘favourites’ to come back to. If you have the leisure of taking your time, then plan a couple of scenic stops. To make your charging break even more enjoyable, take advantage of our special offer of 50% off at Wild Bean Cafe for EV drivers.

Check your charging options at your destination

If you’re going to be away for a few days, there’s a good chance you’ll need to charge while you’re at your destination. Check ahead of time and make sure you plan charging sessions for the duration of your trip.

Embarking on a road trip with your electric vehicle can be an exciting adventure – even if planning takes a little getting used to. By following these essential tips, including charging overnight, performing vehicle checks, using the bp pulse app to locate charging hubs, taking breaks, and planning for longer journey times, you'll be well-prepared for a smooth and enjoyable EV road trip experience and to hit the road with confidence.

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