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Best charging sites for your EV road trip

026 May 2021

Planning a road trip in your electric car but aren’t sure where to top up your battery? Read our guide to be inspired

Whether you’re touring Scotland, Wales or England, check out these charging sites on our network to help you get to your destination with minimum stress.

Visiting Scotland

Planning on exploring the stunning Scottish Highlands?

Take advantage of our 150kW ultra-fast charging units to help you get there faster!

Whether you’re heading to Inverness or the Isle of Skye, our Perth charger is a great site for a top up before venturing further north.

If you’re planning a city break in Glasgow or Edinburgh, ultra-fast charging is also available in Harthill, just off the M8.

The gateway to the North

Heading north of Manchester?

You’ll be spoilt for choice at this charging hub in Lancaster. The hub provides charging for up to 18 electric vehicles, with 6 rapid chargers and 6 destination chargers on site.

Located just off junction 34 of the M6, this hub is the perfect place to stop for a quick charge on the way up to the Lake District or Cumbria.

View more charging points in the area on our live bp pulse map.  

Touring Wales

Dreaming of an afternoon by the beach?

You could plug in at a lot worse places than in Colwyn Bay. Work on your tan (on a sunny day!) and top up your battery at the same time with this destination charger.

Or, if you’re heading into Snowdonia or visiting the Three Peaks, check out our live map to discover sites including the rapid charger at the Royal Oak Hotel, just off the A5.

Heading South

Setting off to Brighton or Cornwall?

One of our favourite charging locations is Concierge Camping in Chichester, which is arguably the best campsite for electric vehicle charging in the UK!

Not only is it home to two of our rapid chargers, but it also has Tesla destination chargers on site, so chances are high there’ll be a charger available when you arrive.

Or, if you’re heading down to Devon or Cornwall, you could stop for a quick charge (and some farm-fresh food) at Strawberry Fields Farm Shop in Lifton!

Visit our live map to search for chargers on your route.

Visiting the New Forest

Exploring the New Forest?

You’ll be pleased to hear there’s a rapid charger available at the Forest Lodge Hotel in Lyndhurst, so you can top up before you hit the trails.

For the motoring buffs among you, you can plug in to charge for no cost when visiting the Motor Museum in Beaulieu – making it a perfect destination for a family day out! Find both on our live map, as well as a host of other charging sites.

Heading to the Isle of Wight

Dreaming of an island holiday?

The Isle of Wight could be the ideal destination for your next road trip!

Visitors to the Isle of Wight are well catered for when it comes to electric car charging, with rapid chargers available at either end of the ferry journey and a few destination chargers on the Isle too.

Whether you’re looking to top up your car in Lymington, before you leave Portsmouth, or when you arrive on the Isle of Wight, there are some great charging options available.

So, there you have it – our picks for the best charging sites in the UK to power those quintessential British road trips! Let us know if there are any others you’d add to this list and we look forward to hearing where your electric car takes you this summer.

Don’t forget to check our live map before you set off to ensure the charging site you wish to use is available and to check that the site you plan to use is available on our network.

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