7 scenic places to visit (with EV charging nearby)

026 Jul 2023

From city breaks to seaside retreats, our top spots across the UK to visit in an electric car

Looking for your next EV adventure? One thing's for sure: in the UK, we're not short of beautiful places to visit. Discover our list of beautiful, unique and inspiring destinations—all with an EV charging point nearby.

1. Cambridge 

With its iconic architecture, idyllic river, and lush green meadows, Cambridge offers a picturesque setting that captivates visitors from around the world. An exquisite beauty spot nestled in the heart of the UK, Cambridge is a city renowned for its prestigious university and timeless charm, and this blend of history, academia, and serene landscapes makes it well worth a visit. 

While you’re here, enjoy a leisurely stroll along cobbled streets lined with historic buildings (including the awe-inspiring King's College Chapel commissioned by King Henry VI in the mid-15th century). And of course punting along the slow-moving River Cam, passing under the elegant bridges, is a quintessential Cambridge experience not to be missed. 

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2. Yorkshire Dales 

Perhaps best known for James Herriot and numerous spectacular Harry Potter film locations (notably Malham Cove), the Yorkshire Dales is a magnificent region of natural beauty of rolling green hills, dramatic limestone caves, pretty waterfalls, meandering rivers and sprawling moorland valleys that ramblers have known about for years (while hoping that nobody else discovers it). 

Charming villages dot the landscape providing a glimpse into the traditionally slower pace of Yorkshire life, while the warm hospitality of locals adds to the area's allure. With its rich history, vibrant wildlife, and awe-inspiring vistas, the Yorkshire Dales is a haven of tranquillity and even, perhaps, a gentle reminder of gentler times. Don’t forget to sample the local Wensleydale cheese. 

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3. Belfast 

Not a huge capital city in global terms, but all the more charming for it. Belfast boasts a thriving cultural scene, and a welcoming atmosphere among historic streets lined with amazing architecture. Immerse yourself in the bustle of St George Market, take in the Cathedral Quarter art galleries, sample delicious local cuisine around the city, or enjoy a leisurely walk along the picturesque River Lagan. 

It's on the banks of the River Lagan, that Belfast's maritime legacy and its iconic shipbuilding industry is most obvious. The city's most renowned creation was the RMS Titanic, and you must explore the Titanic Quarter and delve into a unique history, from the impressive Titanic Belfast museum to the historic slipways where the mighty vessel was launched. 

Nearby charging points: bp pulse charging station, HRL Lagan Valley, 75-81, Hillsborough Rd, Lisburn BT28 1JN >

4. Isle of Wight 

A few miles off the southern coast of England, and just a short ferry trip across from Portsmouth (or Lymington or Southampton) lies the Isle of Wight. You could drive round the whole island in about three hours, but there’s a lot packed into such a compact area. By coming here, you’re definitely escaping from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. All this makes this a perfect day trip. 

Expect surprisingly diverse terrain on this island, with the natural splendour of golden beaches, amazing cliff walks, enchanting forests, and charming villages; a must-see is The Needles rock formations to the extreme west of the island. And, if you want to drift back into civilisation, then Shanklin and Ventnor are picture-perfect seaside towns, while Osborne House, just east of Cowes, was one of Queen Victoria’s favourite residences.  

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5. Greenwich 

Located on an extensive hill overlooking the south bank of the River Thames a few miles south-east of the City of London, Greenwich Park’s combination of lush green lawns, and majestic tree-lined avenues make this our number five beauty spot pick. Take a peaceful walk along its winding paths, bask in the serenity of the Deer Park, or enjoy a picnic pretty much anywhere in what is a quite spectacular metropolitan oasis. 

The Royal Observatory straddles the famous Prime Meridian Line, from where the world's time zones are measured. It’s also the place for one of the best views of London's stunning skyline. At the bottom of the hill is the impressive National Maritime Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 that documents Britain’s long sea-faring heritage. 

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6. Brighton 

Brighton is a vibrant city on the southern coast of the UK with a bohemian atmosphere and a welcoming spirit. Having effortlessly integrated seaside charm, cultural diversity, and a cool energy, Brighton’s unique blend offers a delightful seaside experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit. 

Lose yourself in The Lanes, which are full of all kinds of fascinating independent shops, cafés and boutiques that you won’t find anywhere else. If you need a breather then Regency Square is perfect for a sit down. Then head to the Royal Pavilion; a magnificent ‘pleasure palace’ built in the late 18th century by King George IV, with its striking architectural influences from India and China. And don’t forget to end your visit with an ice cream on Brighton Palace Pier. 

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7. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

A protected area of conservation since 2002, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park is a true gem of breath-taking natural beauty. With multiple lakes, the region offers many opportunities for water sports, as well as scenic walks, golf courses and more. Loch Lomond is the largest lake in Great Britain, both peaceful and enchanting, and stretches over 24 miles to form a geographical boundary line between the highlands and lowlands of Scotland.

If the weather’s on your side, take some time to switch everything off and immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the wildfowl, which range from water birds to soaring birds of prey. If you’re lucky, you might spot the majestic wings of a high-flying Golden Eagle, the herds of Roe Deer on the hills, or the timid Red Squirrels in the trees that overlook the water. 

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