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bp pulse home charger smart

Smart and stylish charging on your doorstep with our new EV home charger.


* Standard installation included, excluding EVHS grant if eligible. See terms and conditions in footer.

bp pulse home charger smart

Smart and stylish charging on your doorstep with our new EV home charger.

Set to go with our stylish EV home charger

Bring EV charging home with a touch of style, thanks to the state-of-the-art bp pulse home charger smart. Be ready for your next journey and spend more of your energy doing what you love.

Your power, your way. Set your charging to fit your routine with our intuitive app or web portal.

  • Stylish, state-of-the-art EV home chargericon
  • Remote scheduling with the bp pulse home app and web portalicon
  • Smart features and over-the-air updatesicon
  • 3-year warranty and standard installation included*icon
  • Exclusive on the go subscription offer (scroll down for full details)icon

Why bp pulse home smart

3 x
faster charging
Get on the road sooner. Charging your electric vehicle at home on a 7kW charger is 3 x faster than charging your electric car with a standard 3-pin plug.
ever BSI Kitemark
Enjoy peace of mind. bp pulse home smart is the first-ever EV charger to be stamped with a BSI Kitemark - renowned symbol of quality and safety.
3 weeks
approx. installation^
Get ready to charge. All you need is a driveway or a dedicated private parking space we can connect to a power supply. We'll aim to install within three weeks^.

Power at your fingertips

Fast, safe and convenient smart charging at the touch of a button. Be fully charged and ready to go with bp pulse home charger smart.

Smart home charging. Whenever. Wherever.

Schedule bp pulse home charger smart to charge your EV at the times that suit you most, or disable it when you don’t need it. From wherever you are. All thanks to the bp pulse home app and web portal’s smart and remote control Wi-Fi features.

Be ready for your next journey

Fit charging around your life with our smart time-based remote scheduling. Create, manage and delete charging start and stop times.

Be ready for the future

home charger smart will receive over-the-air updates to new and exciting features – no need to upgrade to a new charger!

Be energy smart

Charge while you sleep or with the most affordable tariffs. View your current session usage and charging history.

Fully charged?

Remotely start, stop, enable or disable your charger. Receive notifications to let you know you’re fully charged.

Download the bp pulse home app

Already a bp pulse home charger smart customer? Simply go to your app store and download the bp pulse home app for smart charging whenever, wherever.

Login to the bp pulse home portal

Already a home charger smart customer and prefer to use our web portal? Connect and log in via your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Choose your charging cable connection

Product image.

Tethered unit

Best for convenience

Power up with confidence. Our tethered unit is our most convenient way to charge. With its permanently attached cable, you’ll have peace of mind it will always be to hand when you need it.

Customers must choose a Type 1 or Type two tethered cable. Please check whether your chosen car has a Type 1 or 2 socket before you order a tethered unit. If you would prefer to be able to charge any kind of plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicle, we recommend choosing our socketed unit.

Product image.

Socketed unit

Best for versatility

You, your family and friends will all have the power to charge using your vehicle’s cables with our versatile socket. Designed to work with all plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles and Type 1 and 2 cables†.

Cables not included.

1 month's free subscription and £65 on us* (equivalent to up to 500 miles**)

As a bp pulse home smart customer, you'll get a special offer code. Simply register on the bp pulse app, upgrade to a full membership for just £7.85 (inc VAT) per month. We'll give you 1 month's free subscription, then £13 credit every month for 5 months*.

Monthly free charging*

1 month's free subscription + £13 credit every month for 5 months*.

Pay 20% less than PAYG†

Get our best on the go rates as a bp pulse subscription member.

>9,000 charging points

Across the UK, inc 3,000 rapid and ultra-fast charging points.

Selected free charging points

Ongoing free charging on selected bp pulse points.

Further bp pulse network subscription offer details

*When you download the bp pulse app and register and upgrade to a full bp pulse membership subscription (£7.85 inc VAT per month) as a bp pulse home smart customer, we’ll give you your first month’s subscription free, plus a £13 charging credit each month for the following 5 months. 

Access more than 9,000 charging points on the bp pulse network, including 3,000 rapid and ultra-fast pulse points. Plus, with our best on the go rates, pay 20% less than when you Pay As You Go, starting from £0.35kWh.

Offer must be claimed within 6 months of receiving your activation code. The full £65 credit is only valid if you remain a full member for 6 months from registration. Further terms and conditions apply.

** Based on the 2022 rolling average subscription price across our fast, rapid and ultra-fast charging points and average mileage capability of the top 4 selling EVs in 2021. Actual mileage achieved may vary due to vehicle type, vehicle condition, driving style, driving conditions and other factors.

Already a home charger smart customer? Get your membership started

Get our app below and upgrade to a full bp pulse on the go membership. The screen will show our £45 offer, click on 'Set up my subscription', and enter your code to get 1 month's free subscription, £13 monthly credit for 5 months and 20% less than PAYG.

Full bp pulse home charger smart specification

Basic charging: Control charging remotely or at the charger:

  • Start and stop charge

  • Remotely review if charging cable is connected or disconnected

  • Receive notification of charging status

Charger status indicators:

  • Idle and charging status (blue or green indicator light)

  • Charger health and security status (white or red indicator light)

  • Ambient light sensor – indicator light brightness levels adjust to ambient light

  • Automatic fault reporting^

^Requires charger to be connected to a charge point management system

Time-based scheduling

Create, manage and delete charging schedules*, including:

  • Start and stop times

  • Create schedule on cheapest tariff cost time

*If schedule is inactive, charger will automatically charge upon connection.

Current charging and charge history information:

  • Energy delivery/delivered (kWh)

  • Cost usage £

  • Charging session start & stop times and durations

Over-the-air updates and upgrades

  • New features

  • Feature enhancements

  • Bug fixes

  • Security upgrades

  • Critical configuration updates


Plug in and charge function subject to enable/disable and schedule status.

bp pulse home app and web portal

Available for both iOS and Android devices. Simply visit your app store to download.

In addition to above features:

  • Configure energy provider for accurate charge costs estimates.

  • Access FAQ content and customer care details.

7kW Type 1 and 2 Tethered and Socketed Units:

Single-phase (1 x 230V) connection

Coming soon:

22kW Type 2 Tethered and Socket (22kW) (Three-phase (3 x 230V/400V) connection required)

4G/LTE (all variants) as an alternative to Wi-Fi

Tethered unit: Specified type 1 or 2 cable supplied. Standard length 4.7m.
Socketed unit: Cable not included.

Nominal height: 495mm

Width: 176mm

Nominal max depth: 161mm

Designed to the highest safety standards. Protection from digital threats and unauthorised use with:

  • Enable charger (unlock)

  • Disable charger (lock)

  • Cyber security

Secure autolocking to assure correct insertion of the plug into the socket.

^We aim to install your bp pulse home charger smart within three weeks of receiving your completed survey if you qualify for our standard installation.

Wi-Fi and connectivity as standard.

You could get up to £350 towards your EV home charger**

Live in a flat or apartment or rental property in the UK?

Home owners living in flats or apartments, and tenants living in rental properties in the UK may be eligible for the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) grant of up to £350 towards the cost of buying and installing a home charger.

Key eligibility criteria:

bullet list

You have bought or are leasing an electric vehicle.

bullet list

Off street parking is available at your property.

bullet list

Your landlord has given consent if you are a tenant.

bullet list

It's the first time the grant is being claimed for your electric vehicle.

bullet list

You don't have more than two OZEV funded chargers installed on your property.

Frequently asked questions

Easy. Our team will do all the paperwork for you. All we need from you are a couple of documents and the answers to a few simple questions. To see if you qualify for the grant, go here.

Installing your bp pulse home charger takes just 4-6 hours. Our technician will carry out some checks, run you through the documents, and confirm the best location for your unit. Then, you’re good to go. To find out more about installation, go here.

It really couldn’t be simpler. You can check out our detailed guide, here or contact our customer care team who are always on hand.

Compared with a standard 3-pin plug-in-charger, a smart charger can charge your EV around 8x faster. It will give you more control around your charging and lifestyle. Charging your EV at home is convenient and more cost-effective than public charging networks.

It depends on the electrical output to the vehicle which can vary. In general most vehicles will take around 8 hours to charge from empty to full from a 7kW pulse home charger, and 4 to 6 hours on a 22kW. Note: Your home will require a 3-phase electricity supply to be able to support a 22kW version of bp pulse home smart.

Connecting your home Wi-Fi to your charger allows you to use its smart functionality. You will still be able to charge your electric car without a Wi-Fi connection but its smart features will be unavailable. Your charger will simply charge your vehicle in auto charging mode.

This is one of the features that makes pulse home smart when it‘s connected to your Wi-Fi. You can define up to fifty timeslots using our web portal.

Simply plug in your electric car and you can start or stop the session at the touch of a button - and schedule the best times, like overnight when electricity tariffs may be more efficient.

The bp pulse home app is the partner to our home chargers. That means you’ll only have access to all of the app’s features once you’ve placed an order for one. Once you’re registered as a customer, you’ll have access to all elements within the app. 

If you’re already a bp pulse home charger customer, please email us at heretohelp@bp.com.   

Yes, you will need internet connectivity to enable your unit to receive regular functionality updates.  

bp pulse home charger smart is designed to receive upgrades which you can download as and when new smart or security features are available. This means your unit will always be able to stay up to date, so you won’t need to replace it to have the latest functionality.  

These include downloadable features to meet the requirements of the Smart Charge Points Regulations (please see above FAQ for more information on these regulations). 

The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 (for their full title), are new regulations that have been introduced by the Government to help better manage the national electricity grid as more and more vehicles move to electric.

You can find the full details of these on the Government’s website.

Bring the power home

Lead the charge with a stylish bp pulse home smart. Our dedicated home team will guide you through the installation process.